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News Articles from the NV Board of Occupational Therapy

  • Board Member Positions - Apply to Become a Member!


    Would you like to serve on the Board of Occupational Therapy?  One position for a Public member with an interest in Occupational Therapy will be open for a term starting January 1, 2024; Ideally this position will represent Northern or Rural Nevada. Contact the Board office for more details.   Apply directly to the Governor's office

  • Alert!! Fraudulent Letters and Calls

    Fraudulent letters and telephone calls!   These letters and calls are spam and should not be responded to.   Board staff will identify themselves by name when contacting a licensee, official letters will not reference criminal activity nor does the Board have a criminal investigative department or unit.  Any "suspension" or "revocation" of a license will be by Board Order only.
  • Advisory Notice - Dry Needling

    Advisory Notice Dry Needling
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