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Public Records Request

Filing a Request

Please submit the request in writing; you may use the Nevada Public Records Request Form. Send the request to the attention of the Board's public information officer.

You can submit your request any of the following ways:

  • Email to board@nvot
  • Personal Delivery or Mail to the Board Administrative Office, 6170 Mae Anne Ave., Suite 1, Reno, NV 89523; or
  • Fax to (775) 746-4105

Requests should be as specific as possible and include the requester’s contact information. The Board will respond to the request within five business days.

If the request cannot be fulfilled within five business days, the Board will provide written notice of that fact, let the requester know the earliest date and time it reasonably believes the record will be available, and may work with the requester to focus the request so the Board can respond as expeditiously as possible.

Fees for Public Records

Per NRS 239.052, a government entity is permitted to charge a fee for the actual cost incurred in the provision of a public record. This includes, without limitation, the cost of ink, toner, paper, media, and postage.

Pursuant to NRS 239.052(2), the Board of Occupational Therapy chooses to waive this fee except for the following exceptions:

  • Hard copy requests of 50 or more single pages
  • Postage costs
  • The media used to provide electronic records (e.g., thumb drive, discs)

The Board will inform the requester of any fees, if applicable, prior to responding to the request.

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