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Complaint Process

Statement of Purpose

The following information assists in the procedure for filing a complaint against an occupational therapist, occupational therapy assistant or other individual, agency or organization for violation of NRS 640A and/or NAC 640A, the occupational therapy law and regulations.

Who should file a complaint?

Anyone who believes a licensed occupational therapist, occupational therapy assistant or other individual, agency or organization has or is engaged in illegal or unethical activities regarding the practice of occupational therapy. The most effective complaints are those containing firsthand information, which can be verified and documented.

How is a complaint filed?

To initiate a review, a written complaint, must be filed with the Board. Complaints should provide a statement explaining the nature of the complaint in as much detail as possible along with any documentary evidence. Complaints may be submitted anonymously; however, in order to properly investigate a Complaint, a name and contact information is requested.

How are complaints processed?

The Executive Director of the Board will respond to each complaint. Where allegations, if substantiated, would warrant disciplinary action, a formal investigation would begin. Other cases may be handled through referral to a more appropriate agency or organization.

Formal Investigation

When a complaint is formally investigated both the complainant and the subject of the complaint may be interviewed. Details of the investigation remain confidential and are not part of the public record.

Formal Public Hearing.

If the formal investigation determines a potential violation of the occupational law or regulations may have occurred warranting consideration of disciplinary action, a formal public Hearing may be held. All disciplinary actions taken as a result of the Hearing will become public information.

Should unlicensed practice/unprofessional conduct be reported?

If there is evidence that an unlicensed person is participating in activities requiring a license, the Board should be notified. Any alleged unprofessional conduct by a licensee should be reported.

Additional Information

Should you wish more information please contact the Board at the address/phone number listed above.

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